Upheld in the second-instance trial awarded a compensation of 1.52 million RMB!

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    On March 13, 2024, FUNTO received a upheld second instance judgement from the Intermediate People's Court of Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, regarding the unfair competition dispute case we represented Guangzhou Zhujiang Cable Co., Ltd., against the relevant shareholders.

     In the second-instance trial, the court upheld the judgment of the first-instance court determined that prior to the establishment of the defendants, Guangzhou Zhujiang Cable Company had already enjoyed significant enterprise reputation in Guangdong region. The defendants' prominent promotion of similar business name would cause confusion, constituting unfair competition. Additionally, considering their promotion online indicating an annual sales volume exceeding 20 million RMB, and they failed to prove the authenticity of their sales figures as claimed. The court upheld the decision for the defendants to compensate the plaintiff for economic losses of 1.4 million RMB and reasonable legal expenses of 125,000 RMB.