FUNTOers were invited to participate in the Seminar on Corporate Crisis Management in the Internet Era held by the QBPC

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On June 13, 2024, Ms. Jun He, Ms. Orange He, and Ms. Maisy Ling were invited to attend the Seminar on Corporate Crisis Management in the Internet Era organized by Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (hereinafter referred to as QBPC

During the seminar, serving as a sharing guest, Ms. Orange He, delivered insightful presentations on two key topics: “Case Studies and Practical Analyses on Responding to Commercial Defamation and Negative Reviews on the Internet” and The Role and Positioning of Legal Affairs in Crisis Management. Her presentations were insightful, drawing on pratical cases to provide profound analysis a, which received high acclaim from the attendees.

At the conclusion of the seminar,  Ms. Orange He was awarded  the "Renowned Lecturer on Brand Protection Topics by the QBPC" certificate in recognition of her exceptional contributions and professional achievements in the field of brand protection. This honor not only acknowledges Orange's individual accomplishments but also highlights FUNTO's leading position in brand protection and crisis management.