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About us

Legal Service procedures

Funtois a law firm that likes to innovate and pursue details, while we provide integrated IP services to enterprises with our consistent philosophy of professionalism, refinement, and synergetic thinking. At the early stage of client negotiation, we visualize the case evaluation plan, which helps enterprises understand the litigation strategy and process of the case more clearly, and introduce Alpha Collaboration System, which refines good management with case tasks and nodes to guarantee the timeliness and process. Courtroom visualization and electronic organization of evidence help courtroom effectiveness. All these series of innovations help enterprises to establish IP strategy, management and protection system to provide quality legal protection.

  • contract

    Initial Discussion

    Proposal planning & further discussion

    Contract engagement

    Preparation of Power of Attorney

  • Project Kick-off & Initial Preparation

    Investigation and evidence collection

    Drafting evidences and documents

    Pre-Litigation conference & discussion

    Evidence discussion & brainstorming

    Submission of files to court

  • Pre-trial preparation

    Pre-Court Discussion

    Mock Trial

    Preparation of diagram for hearing

    Formulation of hearing outline

    Collective planning and discussion for trial strategy

  • After-trial management

    Preparation of written trial report

    Post-trial review and discussion

    Drafting statements of attorney

    Judgment Report & analysis

  • Filing of project

    Electronic filing of materials and documents

    Case summary to clients